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If I die call my mum

Tell her I'll be back in time for dinner



Pastel ghost
hahahaha idk this is more just to say that i'm alive and i'm super sorry for all the inactivity
but i'm going through a huge artblock type thing and i cant find a style that i like ; - ;
i also haven't been able to go online much for reasons that i won't go into. but yeah, have
this pixel thing hah
Clancy Ref by BearBerries
Clancy Ref
Reference sheet for Clancy u v u
We're moving later than we originally thought, so I've got a bit more time to draw.
The end of the line by BearBerries
The end of the line
Wonderful design by cieIIa!
Thanks man I owe you like 3 solids for various things you know what I mean 
I'm not sure what I'm typing to be honest but yes this is basically proof that I am alive I just haven't been able to draw much at all lately because my family is moving soon and it's all been very busy and stressful :^(
Sprite practise
This guy needs a name o:
I'm trying to get back into pixelling, so I decided to make a small-ish pixel of this character as I haven't actually drawn him before.
Berrie by BearBerries
I've been playing Line Play constantly ever since I got my iPod touch and I absolutely love the art style, so that was my inspiration for this ^ u ^
Okay, I think I'm gonna make some adoptables now v u v


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
The music on my page is Modern Jesus by Portugal. The Man. Enjoy.


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catpain Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's being out late, yes, but he's been out later before. 3am isn't the latest he can do. In leather jacket, with intimidating spikes and the skinny jeans in his boots, hands in the pockets, he's strolling through a village asleep. Curtains are closed, doors locked, dogs and cats the only ones noticing him passing by. The asphalt a wet glow when the weak, orang-yellow-ish gleam of a streelamp falls upon it.

He's being out late. Walking fields and forest, enjoying the sounds of crickets and owls and mosquitos and the smells of fog and earth and feeling the high grass brush against his outstretched hand as he walks by.

The night's been his favourite anyway. No judging looks from old-school-esque neighbours, no moms taking their kids by the hand the instant they spot the young man. It's not like he minds. Or maybe he does.

Somewhen, somehow, his steps slow down and he's bathed in the flourescend light of a neon sign. The shop's still open. 

Bet there's just creeps shopping at 3am, he thinks to himself, almost certain to have said it out loud. But no words hand in the empty street. No customers in the shop. No creeps. Apart from yourself. Cynically smiling at his own remark, he pushes the door open.

The aisles seem to glow in the white light that seems to come from everywhere, even though a dull buzz is coming from above, giving the source of the light away. He wouldn't admit it but he'd been freezing outside, which had been the main reason to come into te shop, but as he's already there, he grabs some pencils and a brush from one of the shelves and slowly but surely makes his way to the counter.

Someone's being the lucky one working at 3am, he comments, chuckling under his breath but then he stops and blinks twice, three times. Usually, a slightly obese lady named Carol or a 102 year old George or a Giles with a moustache would sit on the other side of the counter, looking at him with both desinterest and boredom or curiousity and with one hand on the button that automatically informs the police.

"Up late?"
"What? Sorry."
"Said, 'up late'?"

He shrugs, looking at the other, shamelessly. His eyes roam over his face, not noticing the awkward and abashed looks.

"You, uh, ya with us?"

He completely unnecessarily shakes his head, to get out of his trance, stopping his estimation of the man at the counter.

"Yeah, sorry."
"Always with the sorry."
The man at the counter's try to be funny falls flat, he looks at the items he's scanning, instead.

Silence. Awkward silence. 
"3,50", the man at the counter says, hands the other the money, their fingers brush, or maybe they don't and he's being overdramatic and dumb but he withdraws his hand ridicolously close, almost smacking himself in the crotch.

His customer looks at him, bemused. Or maybe annoyed. Bit of both. He's flushing as well now.

The man at the counter smiles, shakes his head, looks at the white floor. He's obviously embarassed. Which is kind of cute.

"What's you're name?"
"Uh, Macy. Rick Macy."
"Well then, Rick Macy." He says it with a hint of triumph in his voice that Rick appparently  does not quite begin to understand right then, while his customer is searching for something in the pocket of his jacket.

The sound of a pen scratching on paper wakes him up. The other is handing him a crinkled sticky note.

"Kieren Walker", he says, matter-of-factly.
"Rick Macy", Rick says as he takes the note, looking as if someone had handed him either a lot of money or a bomb about to explode.
"That's a phone number", he then exclaims. Kieren nods. The light directly above him is flickering, adding an unsettling, nervous vibe to it.

"It's mine. You might wanna call me."

Rick looks beyond embarassed. His face is flushed red and he's obviously concentrating a lot not to look at Kieren.

"Why would I want to call ya?"

At that, Kieren just shrugs, balancing on his heels, raising an eyebrow mockingly. All or nothing.

"Seriously?", Kieren says, sarcastially, turns around, grabs his belongings and walks out of the store without another word, feeling Rick Macy's stare. 

At 5:32am Kieren's just retuning home, the sky behind him turning a warm pink and mist hanging between the trees, wetting his clothes. Rick Macy just typed in a phone number a punk gave him at work, nervously waiting for the stranger to pick up.

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Lizyos Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love your art aaa it's so cute !! uvu
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IIace Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
REN BEN HEN KEN ven (diagram) ten qen wen yen pen sen den fen gen jen len zen xen nen men
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Norweii Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Has anyone told you
that you are such a cutie omg <3
dreamao Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaa your art is so cute ;v;
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